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We No Longer Sell Benzo Fury But We Do Have Similar Product In Stock Called 5-EAPB it is available in pellets or Powder click the link of what ever product you want to be taken directly to that product page.


Benzo fury is the brand name for 6-apb pellets. It is used as a research chemical that belongs to the class of chemical Phenethylamine and its official name ‘Benzo Fury’ comes from the substituted benzofuran ring present in its chemical structure.

The Use

As the chemical is closely related to 3, 4- Methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA), it offers outstanding benefit to research chemical scientists for the analysis of the structure and properties of a phenethylamine and amphetamine class of drug without the legal ramification of MDA analysis.

Where can you buy Benzo Fury?

Buying Benzo Fury can end-up being stressful unless you know a trustworthy source. At Crazy Chemical Cartel, we provide our customers with the highest quality Benzo Fury for all their research activities. We are a trusted supplier of 6-APB and known to deliver premium quality at reasonable costs. The research chemical pellets provided by us have been manufactured with reduced binding agents and QC tested to help you create exceptional results in your research experiments.

 NOTE:  This product is a research chemical and strictly NOT for human consumption.


At Crazy Chemical Cartel, we do not make big claims about the authenticity of our chemicals because the quality of our products speaks for itself. Launched on to the International market in the year 2010, 6-APB has become one of the most used research chemicals among research students. Our production facility is now working at full capacity and is able to provide all chemical researchers a place to buy genuine Benzo Fury for their independent experiments.

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