N-methyl-2-AI/MPA Pellets (New M&Ms)


N-methyl-2-AI/MPA (new M&Ms) is a rare and potent combination of N-methyl-2-Aminoindane and Methiopropamine that have been synthesized to accommodate the needs of the international research society. Both research chemicals are accurately represented in a 2: 1 ratio where 100mg N-methyl-2-Aminoindane is combined with 50 mg of Methiopropamine and presented in the form of pellets to facilitate ease of investigation.

This innovative combination of chemical compounds can be used to investigate the effect of certain agonists on their respective receptors, as well as the strength of affinity that characterizes them. Researchers buy N-methyl-2-AI/MPA (new M&Ms) to carry out receptor/neurotransmitter studies; to add to the list of reagents in laboratories and to keep as standard reference data in chemical libraries.

Researchers wishing to buy N-methyl-2-AI/MPA (new M&Ms) can make their order by selecting the quantity of pellets required for research. N-methyl-2-AI/MPA PELLETS (new M&Ms) should be strictly utilized for in vitro investigation only and by researchers over the age of 18 years. This product has been developed for the sole purpose of research and in absolutely no way should it be used for human consumption.

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